Meet Quality Life Assistant

An integrated family of web-based applications
that support the entire process of Agency information management

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What is

Quality Life Assistant is an integrated family of web-based applications that support the entire process of Agency information management. Leveraging connectivity, interactivity and speed, Quality Life Assistant is the first of its kind

offering efficiency, accuracy, time savings, and positive environmental impact in the area of individual information management for Community Based Organizations that provide services for people with disabilities.

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Quality Life Assistant connects all levels of service delivery including front line support, management, core support team and the funding agent.

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Operational level

Staff members have fast access to participants’ plans and workflows.

Tactical level

Staff members can easily develop and personalize participants’ plans and propagate them to front line support.

Strategic level

Management staff will analyze and visualise key Agency process indicators allowing for more informed decision making.

Costs reduce

Using Quality Life Assistant will reduce the amount of time staff spend managing paper documentation.

Sample preview of QLA application on tablet


Quality Life Assistant is a user-centred solution which is easy to learn and use. It enables efficient administration and flexible personalization according to specific Agency needs.

The development of the system was based on state-of-the-art programming frameworks and a database management system that resulted in a highly responsive, reliable and scalable solution.

QLA system features

  • Residents’ Profiles Management
  • Residents’ Plans Management
  • Medical Appointments Management
  • Incidents Management
  • Residents’ Activities Management
  • Residents’ Skills Management
  • Agency Data Analytics
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